Hello world! ubergeeek.fr is back!


It’s been a while since I didn’t blog using that URL… ubergeeek.fr! Well, it’s been more dans a year actually. My last was the Do You Wanna Date My Avatar video so it’s normal to re-open the blog with another video from The Guild (see next post).

I love Posterous! I liked it so much that I abandoned my 4 years old ÜberGeeek custom hosted WordPress blog to post only my Pasteboard… It’s so simple and the autopost feature is absolutely awesome. Of course the recent outages and problems that occurred on the Posterous platform lately is a drawback but, hey!, it’s not like I run a major tech blog or something! ^^ Anyway. 

So what’s new here? Well, with the precious help of Posterous support, I’ve managed to import and merge all posts and comments from ÜberGeeek with my Posterous blog. The whole process isn’t as straightforward as it should be. Several emails exchanged with the support guy (thank you Suyash!) and lot of failed imports later, we made it!

Then, I’ve tweaked the template a bit and voilà!

ÜG is back!